the practice, the philosophy and the language of healing and alternative medicine for ourselves, for our communities, and for our nations

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There is no cure for the ills of our modern societies. Symptoms will follow symptoms as day will follow night. But we can heal.

Healing occurs when we create the physical and mental conditions for a sentient organism to become whole and in balance from within, by virtue of its own nature.



Richard Dell MA (Oxon) is a retired headmaster in his sixties. He left school at sixteen and did a variety of jobs including cleaning lavatories and working underground. Discovering books when he was twenty-one, he eventually went to Oxford to read philosophy, politics & economics. Richard went on to teach history, philosophy and sport, and was a headmaster for over twenty years. He has appeared on television and radio and has published a number of articles.

In his school’s last inspection (2002) the inspectors reported on the ‘visionary leadership of the headmaster’. When he retired (2006) the chairman of his school wrote: ‘Richard’s warm personality and subtle sense of humour, his ethical principles and trust in people … are just a few of the qualities that describe the philosopher, thinker and communicator whose soul, heart and humour have shaped (our school) with its unique atmosphere where children are happy and learning is a joy.’
These are also the qualities that Richard brought to his book, which was twelve years in the writing. They are very much the qualities he brings to his talks.

Richard is married with four grown-up children. He and his wife live in North Wales.


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